Frequently Asked Questions

How long do orders take to process and fulfill?

Each design is 100% custom.  This ensures the best quality and most accurate depiction of the antlers in the original photograph.  Therefore, the process can take thirty to sixty days from the time the order is placed until the order is shipped.  We are still faster than traditional taxidermy!

What is the best way to contact a TAGit team member in regards to my order or product questions?

Please reach out to us at and we will connect as soon as possible.


What is the return policy?

Each design is custom artwork created by our graphics design team.  With this said, we work very hard to make sure the accuracy and unique character of your antlers are preserved.  However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will gladly rework your design and/or refund your money 100%.


How do I install my decal properly?

Please refer to the installation guide.


Which type of pictures should I submit?

Large, high resolution pictures give the artist the best medium to work with.  We advise you to be cognizant of the angle the deer is facing in your photograph and choose the most compatible design style. Photographs with debris blocking the antlers can be challenging to accurately depict.  Please limit this as much as possible.


Which size decal should I purchase?

  • Regular (6”x8”) - great for vehicle window corners, lap tops, bow case collages, and small coolers
  • Large (9”x12”) - works well as a feature on the center of a cooler, the back of a truck window, and larger areas on bow cases
  • X-Large (12”x16”) - prominent sticker for the back center of a truck window or a large cooler 

How durable is my decal?

We use 5-8 year outdoor vinyl which is the best on the market.