How it Works

Read our guide to choosing the appropriate form and uploading the best photo possible to complete your design.

The angle that the antlers are viewed from can alter the perspective significantly.  Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a form that matches the angle of your deer’s head in the photo or upload a photo that matches the angles of the deer in the available forms. 

We will customize each order to make the antlers appear as accurately as possible to the original angle depicted in the uploaded photo. For example, if your buck’s nose is pointing up, you do not want the form for your decal to be pointing nose down.

Curious about the difference between Signature and Specialty styles? Signature styles work with all angles of photos. Specialty Styles are crafted to work with specific angles. The Head-On style requires you upload a head-on photo, and the Quarter-Turn style requires you upload a quarter-turn photo.


Head On Decal Images

Does your image work for our Head On Decal style? Use the checklist below.

✓ Facing forward

✓ Can see both eyes

✓ Can see all of both ears

✓ Squared off towards camera 

Quarter Turn Decal Images

Does your image work for our Quarter Turn Decal style? Use the checklist below.

✓ Head is turned to the side

✓ Can see one eye

✓ Can see only one complete ear

✓ Includes one side of the neck

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send pictures and reach out to